You can't turn off reality

In front of one of the works exhibited at the Hamburger Bahnhof, one of the venues for the Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, a visitor caught the public's attention today by commenting with enormous anguish that she had always believed that those born in her generation, the of World War II, they would be happy all their lives, because they would live without more wars; that she was convinced that her existence would be peaceful, calm, and without reason to be ashamed until the arrival of her death. But it does not seem that things are going to be like this, he affirmed, because it is not clear how the events of these dramatic days represented by the war with Ukraine will unfold. The madness of one man and his devoted minions determines the fate of the country, he pointed out. We can only guess what will be written about this in the history books fifty years from now. Pain, fear and shame: these are the feelings of today, he stated. Pain, because war affects us all. Fear, because our biological instinct is to preserve our life and that of those around us. Shame because we are responsible for this situation that can have serious consequences for everyone. Because the responsibility for what is happening today also lies with all of us who witnessed these dramatic events, because we did not know how to foresee and prevent them.

Faced with these reflections, and in an environment such as the one we find ourselves in, it is inevitable to consider what role art should play in our daily lives, bearing in mind that it should also focus on the conflicts that surround us. This is one of the central questions addressed by Still Present!, the twelfth edition of the Berlin Art Biennale. The works he shows can be judged for the way they push us to the limits, exposing pain, accepting physical extremes, causing emotions to rise to the surface of our skin with the aim of reclaiming the field of emotion through art. In extreme situations there is often the painful feeling that everything has changed, that we cannot understand why or understand what is happening. It is therefore the works that we observe here that present us with a position that does not leave us free, that does not offer escape routes, because its message crosses all walls. Failure to grasp it would be cynical. Because reality cannot be turned off.

Was Hitler bisexual and sadomasochistic?

Although he ordered the killing of thousands of homosexuals in the concentration camps, Adolf Hitler was sadomasochistic and bisexual and had a relationship that "embroidered the sexual" with his secretary, the powerful Rudolf Hess, affirms a profile of the Nazi leader elaborated during the Second World War. World by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the predecessor of the CIA.

The recently declassified report was prepared by anthropologist Henry Field, who collaborated in the Special Intelligence Unit of the White House in the time of US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Hitler was bisexual and sadomasochistic
The document, about 70 pages, analyzes several aspects of the Nazi boss's life, from his daily routine, his diet to his musical tastes and his sexuality.

On page 28 of the report, Field says that when Hitler was imprisoned in Landsberg after his failed coup attempt, he maintained a "sexual-embracing" relationship with his right-hand man, Hess.

"After the murder of Roehm (the minister in Hitler's cabinet) I knew that Hess's nickname among the homosexual community was" Fraeulein Ana ", since it was known that she attended dances dressed as a woman (...) It was then that my suspicions about certain discrete characteristics in Hitler's personality began to get my attention, "Field wrote.

Sado Hitler ?
"After the murder of Rohem, small pieces of information were arriving until they forced me to consider Hitler as a sadomasochistic man with the possibility of a certain homosexual trait in him," Field wrote.

According to the investigation, when he was a young artist in Vienna, Hitler visited a men's residence, the "Mannerheim Brigittenau", known as a meeting point between older men who were looking for "young men for homosexual pleasures".

The report also assures that the Nazi leader sought as a loving ideal a couple that is "half mother and half girlfriend" and that "he obtained aesthetic satisfaction by seeing adolescents, boys or girls".

"His sexual life is as dual as his political vision, he is at the same time homosexual and heterosexual, socialist and a fervent nationalist, man and woman, although it is true that Adolf Hitler avoids being diagnosed, there are certain facts that prove that her sexual situation is unsustainable and, even, desperate, "concluded Field.