Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a therapeutic discipline that addresses intervention and treatment of the family as a whole. From the systemic point of view, the term is often used marital and family therapy, as it is understood that the object of intervention are family systems and subsystems. Family therapy can be developed from different fields, such as psychotherapy (supervised only by psychologists and psychiatrists), the psychoeducational or educational therapy, based on behavioral change through values ​​education and improvement of relationship skills (exercised both by psychologists and social workers, mediators, social workers, etc..) or experiential coaching.

There are different streams within systemic family therapy, such as the School of Milan, School of Palo Alto, or the Argentine psychiatrist Salvador Minuchin, who developed the structuralist approaches work with families (roles, communication , etc..), and that is one of the currents applied to social work with families with low incomes.