They discover accidentally a medicine to eat everything without getting fat

The team of scientists at Yale University has made a discovery that can revolutionize the world of science by accidentally finding a way to block certain "lymphatic portals" so as not to gain weight if overeating. The finding, coordinated and directed by Anne Eichmann and Feng Zang, took place thanks to a group of mice with morbid obesity after modifying the genes that seemed to protect them from weight gain, despite consuming a high-fat diet, according to ABC.

During the first weeks, the mice continued to maintain their initial weight. For that reason, they decided to pause the experiment until they discovered that there were two genes that had undergone a change in the intestine of rodents: certain "capillary lymphatic portals" or "lacteal" had been crushed.

The lacteals, according to the journal Nature, act as an entry for fatty acids, which allow them to pass into the bloodstream to provide energy or be stored as fat.

This discovery can not be applied in humans, but, instead of modifying the genes, a way could be devised to inhibit certain receptors to produce the same effect in the lacteals. In addition, when applying it in humans, the "ethical reasons" to carry it out come into play.

Nevertheless, experts have found a substitute for this drug that already exists and that has the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration to treat glaucoma, the main cause of blindness.